Original Blend 23

This original mix of 23 crushed herbs and seasonings started it all.


The original flavor, Blend 23, is a blend of 23 different herbs and spices, from fragrant Rosemary to kickin’ Cayenne Pepper, and the recipe is influenced by the cooking one of the company founders did with his Italian grandmother as a child. Nature’s Crush actually began right in his home many years ago, and when neighbors got a whiff of the aromatic goodness they came knocking at the door, and the rest is history! Word of the delicious popcorn spread like crazy and became known for its wildly rustic coat of crushed seasonings. 


All Natural and Healthy Ingredients


3 Great Flavors

Today Nature’s Crush microwave popcorn is available in three flavors: 

Original Blend 23
Light & Zesty Blend with Lemon, Pepper and Garlic
Aromatic Herb Blend with Rosemary, Basil and Garlic

Nature's Crush

Certified Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan and No Artificial Ingredients or Colors