Bowls of popcorn and a soda on marble surface. Bowl of popcorn on marble surface.

We’re here To innovate new ways of enjoying traditional microwave popcorn.

It all began with our great-grandmother’s flavored stove-top popcorn and here we are today – introducing delicious blends inspired by her love for cooking to be enjoyed and shared by all. 
Bag and bowls of Light & Zesty popcorn surrounded by scattered popcorn, lemons and garlic on yellow surface.

Our Story

I’ll never forget the aroma of my childhood home as my father cooked his fresh stove-top popcorn. Inspired by his own Italian grandmother, he would throw a variety of dried herbs, spices and popcorn into a large pot on the stove. The seasoning and kernels would sizzle in the pot as my four siblings, mother and I crowded around the kitchen island guessing which blend we would enjoy that day. Lemon, pepper, garlic? Rosemary, basil, garlic? Vanilla, cinnamon, sugar? It was always something different.

It wasn’t long until the fans multiplied from the six of us to hundreds of strangers. From the random neighbor down the street to the town’s best soccer team, everyone wanted a batch of that week’s blend. It was evident: people were looking for a fresh popcorn product that offered more than the traditional movie theater butter and kettle corn flavorings. Nature’s Crush was created out of this necessity for an innovative popcorn product that would satisfy our longing for flavorful stovetop popcorn without the messy inconvenience. We took the simplicity of our stovetop popcorn and brought it to the microwave popcorn market to be shared from coast to coast.

Whether you are enjoying it with a beer or a juice box, Nature’s Crush is a family-friendly snack that sets out to keep snacking simple and delicious 
for everyone. 

We welcome you to join our family in enjoying this new way of eating microwave popcorn backed by generations of popcorn enthusiasts. 

Thank you for your support & keep on crushin it –  Makayla Smit

Our Family

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Craig Gaskins
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Barry Connor
Makayla wearing a hat.
Makayla Smit
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Evie Smit
Office Manager